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Founded by Mr. Sunil Baglane in the year 2009, Shiv Swaraj Holidays Pvt. Ltd. is headquartered in Pune.

The company has rapidly fathomed all hurdles and acquired extreme skills in mass transit operations and sharpened its skills in surface mobility solutions. It provides premium transportation service within the city, state and across the country, which is achieved with a highly trained and motivated team of professionals handling the operations 24/7. At every step priority is given to service standards, health and safety related issues. Having different kinds of buses with relevant fares for a variety of customers that commute every single day. This makes transportation affordable to individuals and coporates. You have a lot more control on what you do if you book a tour with Shiv Swaraj Holidays Pvt. Ltd. You can either choose a tour package or book a vehicle and schedule it for your trip to have time to explore the country side a bit more and come back at a time that is suitable to you and not when you are scheduled to. It also means you can stay in one place longer if you like it more than another place, you can leave one place earlier too if you do not feel comfortable there.

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Mission & Goal :

  • Understand customer needs and fulfill them.
  • Ensure consistent and sustainable quality standards.
  • Guarantee value for money to customers.
  • Create opportunities to expand universally.
  • Positioning our company as an undisputed leader in corporate transportation.
  • Recognition as a professional organization having a very capable team, goodwill of customers and stakeholders.
  • To provide various options in International and Domestic holiday packages for Individuals, families, corporate and schools.

Key features provided to customers:

  • Convenience in bus timings, booking, modification and cancellation, etc.
  • End-to-end connectivity with affordable fares.
  • Sophisticated, latest, comfortable vehicles for ultimate comfort and coziness.
  • Greater flexibility in choosing, adjusting seats and buses.
  • On-time departure and adherence to arrival time schedules.
  • High class passenger safety and convenience.
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